COVID-19 Update 

April 1, 2020


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Due to Good Friday on April 10th , student meals for that Friday, Saturday, Sunday ( April 10,11,12) will be given out on Thursday, April 9th.



 Dear parents, students and other community stakeholders: 

First of all, we hope you are all doing well and are doing all you can to keep yourselves and your loved ones healthy and safe during this challenging time. 

We’re sure by now, you've heard that Governor DeSantis has issued the expected "stay at home" order for Florida effective Thursday at midnight and lasting for 30 days and we’re sure you have questions about that just as we do. 

While there's much more information likely to be released by the Governor's Office and DOE, we do want you to rest assured that little, if anything, will change for students as a result of this order when it comes to their education. Most of our employees are already working from home and any who are not working from home are considered essential services. Some of our staff members have chosen to work from school, in isolation in their classrooms, and those decisions will still be supported since we are all considered “essential services”. 

We know that many of our families are relying on the meal service we are providing and we want you to know that we intend to continue that valuable resource for our students. We may have to consolidate some routes and sites in the coming days, as a result of this order, but we will keep everyone informed and will continue to do all we can to get food out to those students living in food instability. Feeding students is definitely considered an essential service. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this first week of distance learning and in these uncertain times. Your grace and compassion is shining through and together we can weather this storm just as we got through, and past, Hurricane Michael. 

Please follow us on FB at or on our dedicated website at for regular updates and more information about the many services currently being offered. 



We know many of you have technology questions and we want to do what we can to

help. BUT 767-HELP is not a technology resource ... the best place to start is your

student’s school. If you don’t know how to reach out to your child’s teacher for

technology help, please call or email the school first. Most schools also have Facebook

pages and you can comment or direct message for help as well. We  also have an entire distance learning section at:


Calling 767-HELP (4357) is a great resource if you need help finding resources on our

webpage ( 



GREAT NEWS: The USDA approved our waiver so parents DO NOT have to have the children with them to pick up meals IF they bring some form of identification/proof for each child they are picking meals up for. So, if you're not bringing your child to a site or bus stop, you'll need to bring one of the following:

1. School ID
2. Birth certificate/adoption paperwork/guardianship paperwork
3. Doctor's bill or other paperwork documenting your relationship to the child
Please also note that, effective Monday, Bozeman and Tyndall will no longer be pick up sites due to under utilization. You can still pick up food at other sites if you live close to those schools and buses will still be running in those areas.


You can get an idea of when they will be in your neighborhood by visiting our website at:
On the site, to find a bus stop where meals will be delivered, please do the following:
1. Find the name of the elementary school closest to you
2.. Click that button
3. Look at the route sheets to find something close to your home

4. Click this link to search for closest stop near you. 





We will continue to share more as we come across them. Ultimately, if you’re running into trouble, your child’s teacher is the best, first contact. If that doesn’t work for some reason, or you don’t know how to connect with the teacher, try:

1. Calling the school.

2. Emailing the principal.

3. Reaching out on FB via comment or direct message to the school’s page.

4. Calling 767-HELP (available during normal working hours Monday-Friday).












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William V Husfelt III
Superintendent, Bay District Schools
Office of the Superintendent
Shirley Baker
Equity Coordinator