Solar Eclipse Information


Frequently Asked Questions

   Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017


Q:        Can parents send glasses for their children to wear at dismissal and can we make the kids wear them?

A:        Parents can send glasses with their children and children may choose to wear them at dismissal. HOWEVER, no children will be permitted, nor will they be encouraged, to look at the sun during this time since we cannot account for the quality of the glasses.  We do not recommend that any children look at the sun and we will not “make” any children wear glasses.


Q:        What happens to PE?

A:        Schools will follow the inclement weather plan and move all outdoor activities inside.


Q:        How will lunch procedures work?

A:        Students will be released to lunch just as they normally are on inclement weather days. Elementary students will be escorted to the cafeteria as usual.  No students will be permitted to eat lunch outside on Monday unless they are in a covered area. If needed, schools will work with secondary students to make other areas not normally accessible during lunch (such as media centers) accessible on this day only.



Q:        What are bus drivers doing to prevent children from looking at the eclipse?

A:        Our bus drivers are being provided the same safety information we are giving to our teachers, to our parents and to our students.  Their primary responsibility is to ensure the children have a safe passage home.  We expect they will also be conveying the same message about eclipse safety to students that everyone else in our system will be conveying.


Q:        What if I don’t want my child to ride the bus home on Monday?

A:        Parents always have the option to pick their children up from school.  If you are sending a friend, relative or neighbor please ensure this person is named as a contact for pick up for your child in Parent Portal ahead of time.  We cannot release children to a friend, neighbor or relative who just has a note from a parent.



Q:        What will elementary schools do about dismissal?

A:        It is the district’s expectation that schools will hold students inside until the latest possible time for dismissal and then will follow inclement procedures for dismissal, keeping students under cover as much as possible.  Schools, and parents, should talk with students beforehand about not looking at the sun during this time and schools will try to have any additional adults on campus on hand to provide extra supervision.





Q:        Are we excusing elementary children all day or just for checkout?

A:        Elementary-aged children are automatically excused for early check out if their parents choose that option because their release time coincides with the timeframe of the eclipse.  Children who are absent for the day will follow normal BDS procedures in terms of what is, and isn’t, an excused absence.



Q:        Will secondary students be changing classes during this time?

A:        Secondary students will be changing classes as they would during an “inclement weather” situation at school.


Q:        Will high school students be allowed to leave during lunchtime?

A:        We are sending home safety information to parents that we hope they will discuss with their students.  All normal BDS lunchtime procedures should be followed on Monday for those students who have permission to leave.


Q:        What if my child has sports after-school?

A:        All after-school activities will begin as scheduled AFTER 3:07 p.m.