Bay District schools deliver high quality education in a collaborative, safe, and respectful environment.  Our commitment is to inspire students in the development of character with the acquisition and use of knowledge and skills as we prepare them for life and work in a diverse, global economy.

The Superintendent, School Board, school leaders, teachers, and staff are wholly committed to educational excellence with consistent, incremental improvement in student achievement.

There are learning opportunities for ALL students, from the intellectually gifted to the academically challenged. Special needs students are served in traditional schools throughout the county and also in several targeted special purpose schools.

Middle and high school students have the advantage of preparing for experiences beyond high school with a broad range of advanced academic programs and career education opportunities.

The installation and integration of advanced hardware and software allows educators to tap into and engage students through the digital world to which they are accustomed. Multimedia instructional tools give teachers and students an edge in the classroom with interactive white board lesson delivery, connection to global resources and devices that provide immediate student assessment as instruction is delivered.

Students and schools also benefit from award-winning business partnerships and a legion of mentors and volunteers through the support of business leaders, military ranks, and community members.

Additionally, thanks to the vote from our community for a half cent sales tax, our schools are on a revolving renovation schedule and an equitable plan of technology installations have been completed in all core classrooms throughout the entire school district.

Here are some interesting facts about our school district.


Bay District Schools is one of the top employers in Bay County.

More than 3,000 full time employees

  •   Instructional Staff ~ 65 %
  •   School Administrators ~ 4%
  •   District Administrators ~ 1.4%
  •   Professional/Non-Professional Support Staff ~ 29.6%

    Teachers ~ Starting Salaries (with 0 years experience)

  •   Bachelor’s degree ~ $34,480
  •   Master’s degree ~ $36,980
  •   Specialist degree ~ $39,580
  •   Doctorate degree ~ $42,280
  • Average Salary ~ 43,225

    Average Years Experience ~ 12.5 years



    48 Schools

    • 5 High Schools
    • 6 Middle Schools
    • 19 Elementary Schools
    • 2 Combined Grade Level Schools (K – 8 and K-12)
    • 3 Special Purpose Schools
    • 1 Adult/Technical School
    • 11 Charter Schools
    • 1 Virtual School


    Total Membership     28,024  (PreK-12)
    Educational services are provided to an additional 1,000 students in adult education and other educational programs outside the public school district.


    White ~ 19,015 or 67.9%
    African American ~ 4,255 or 15.2%
    Hispanic ~ 2,189 or 7.8%

    Multi-Racial ~ 1,798 or 6.4%
    Asian ~ 585 or 2.1%

    American Indian or Alaska Native ~ 117 or 0.4%
    Pacific Islander ~ 65 or 0.2%

    Free/Reduced Lunch Recipients ~ 66%
    Disabled Students ~ 4,942

    Homeless Students ~ Nearly 1,545

    English Language Learners ~ More than 800 speak 37 different languages, are from 50 different countries
    2017 Graduating Seniors

    Earned $23.8 million in college scholarships

    16 recognized in the National Merit Scholarship program

    Earned 7006 college credit hours saving $691,842 in tuition costs

    Passed 1,954 advanced academic exams, saving $578,872 in tuition costs

    U.S. Military Academy appointments for 4 students, nearly 70 enlisted