Deane Bozeman Middle School

     It is never too early to introduce students to high academic expectations and challenging coursework.  The Deane Bozeman School PRE-TRACCS middle school program is a starting point for students to challenge themselves academically, experience creative/innovative instruction, and get a jumpstart on college and career readiness courses and in a technical academy.  

      PRE-TRACCS students can transition easily into the high school TRACCS program and take advantage of the growing Advanced Placement and college Dual -Enrollment opportunities. Because the high school is also housed on campus, middle school students have the opportunity to earn high school credit in courses such as, Personal Fitness, Computing for College and Careers, and Algebra 1 Honors.  In addition, students may begin their career exploration in the Agriscience or Web Design Academy.

     The PRE-TRACCS program invites applicants for admission from highly motivated students who want to learn and succeed in a warm and supportive community.

Application Guidelines

  • Overall B or 3.0 grade point average (gpa)
  • 2.5 will be considered with teacher recommendations
  • Minimum passage requirements of grade-level state testing
  • Good Attendance Record
  • Good Discipline Record

Program Application

The application window for Advanced Academic programs opens April through June of the current school year. New students entering during the following school year, may apply at the time of enrollment.

General Program Guidelines

Students will be required to maintain academic excellence, a good discipline record and a good attendance record. Students not meeting program guidance lines will be placed on academic probationary status. Students will be provided guidance intervention(s) while on probationary status. Students not meeting program guidelines during the probationary status will be removed from the PreTRACCS program.