High School

    Deane Bozeman School’s college preparatory program is dedicated to Teaching Rigorous Academics for College and Career Success (TRACCS).  The TRACCS Advanced Academic Academy provides students with college-prep Honors courses and college level Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual-Enrollment (DE) courses.  In addition to these courses, students have career exploration and preparation opportunities through our Agriscience and Web Design academies.    

     Our goal is to attain academic excellence in a caring atmosphere while challenging students with high expectations and unique learning opportunities. Dean Bozeman School is committed to providing and expanding our AP and DE programs to meet the needs of our ever growing population.

TRACCS seeks applicants for admission from highly motivated students who desire a rigorous high school experience while preparing for their future.  

Application Guidelines

  • Overall B or 3.0 grade point average (gpa)
  • Minimum passage requirements of grade-level state testing
  • Good Attendance Record
  • Good Discipline Record

Program Application

The application window for Advanced Academic Programs is available on-line (www.bay.k12.fl.us) during the January-February time-frame of each year for Bay County students.  Students transferring to Deane Bozeman School and miss the application window must contact the TRACCS Coordinator at 767-1300 to be reviewed for admission.

General Program Guidelines

Students will be required to maintain academic excellence in their pursuit of completing state university standards and/or technical academy completion to remain in good standing in the Advanced Academic Program.  Additional guidance intervention(s) will be provided for students placed on academic probationary status while a member of the TRACCS program.