The purpose of Student Assessment is to administer all district and state testing programs. This includes training school testing coordinators, ensuring that needed materials are provided, ensuring that testing programs are administered properly, scoring district tests, and reporting results.
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Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter 2014 FCAT & EOC Scores Available through Parent Portal

2014-2015 Testing Letter for Parents: Elementary, Middle, High School

Revised State & District Testing Calendars 

FCAT 2.0 is Now...

FSA; Florida Standards Assessments

Opened July 1st, 2014:

  • Memo from FLDOE
  • Here is the transition to Computer-Based Testing Schedule
  • Computer Specifications here & here
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    Spring 2015 FSA Test Dates:
    • FSA ELA - Writing Component FIELD TEST
      • Window: Feb 2-13
      • Grades 4, 5 ONLY, Paper/pencil test
      • Cedar Grove, Hiland Park, Southport ONLY
    • FSA ELA - Writing Component
      • Window: Mar 2-13
      • Grades 4-7, Paper/pencil test
      • Grades 8-11, Computer test
    • FSA ELA 
      • Window: Apr 13-May 8
      • Grades 5-11, Computer test
    • FSA Math
      • Window: Apr 13-May 8
      • Grades 5-8, Computer test
    • FSA EOC
      • Window: Apr 20-May 15
      • Subjects: Alg 1, Alg 2, Geometry
      • Eligible students in Grades 6-12
      • Computer test
        • Next opportunity to test July 14
        • Spring 2015 Retake (FCAT Reading/Math) Window for select students: March 30-April 10
          • (including select retained sophomores, current juniors, seniors or adults)
          • Schedule varies by school. Adults must pre-register at least two weeks prior to March 30.
        • Spring 2015 FCAT 2.0 Science: 
          • Window: Apr 13-May 8
          • Grades 5 and 8, Paper/pencil test
        • NGSSS Civics , U.S. History, and Biology EOC
          • Window: April 20-May 22
          • Eligible students in Grades 6-12
          • Computer test
        • ​SAT 10 
          • ​Window: May 11-15, Paper/pencil test
          • Grades: K-2

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