Our Philosophy
In Bay county Public Schools there is a commitment to identifying, educating, and nurturing gifted students by providing a climate where the talents and potential of gifted students are valued and fostered. The curriculum is rigorous and relevant. It is provided by teachers who understand and value gifted students and have been specially trained to meet the learning needs of the gifted child.


Gifted Education Program

The goals of the Bay County Gifted Program are to:
• Identify potential giftedness, keeping in mind that gifted students come from all backgrounds with special abilities ranging across a wide spectrum of achievement
• Meeting the learning needs of gifted students of all ages through a differentiated curriculum designed to focus on the learning strengths of the gifted student
• Enhance the capacity of teachers who serve gifted students through support and professional development opportunities
Definition of Gifted
Florida legislation has identified gifted learners as a part of the exceptional student education population since 1968. Students in Florida are eligible for exceptional educational programs if they meet the criteria outlined in the Florida Board of Education Rule 6A-6.03019, FAC. In Florida, a student who is gifted has “superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance.” These criteria focus on a learner’s need for the gifted education program, general intellectual functioning, and various behavioral and intellectual characteristics. These students require special provisions to meet their education needs.
Eligibility Criteria for Gifted
To be eligible for Gifted Services, a student must meet all three of the criteria set by the State of Florida.
1. Demonstrate a need for a curriculum and instruction beyond that given to every student
2. Exhibit a majority of the characteristics of the gifted as evaluated by a classroom teacher, guidance counselor, psychologist, or someone with knowledge of the child’s academic strengths, interests, and needs.
3. Score two standard deviations above the mean (130) on a psychological assessment by a licensed psychologist.
Transfer Procedures
Transfers within the State of Florida Students determined eligible anywhere in the State of Florida will automatically receive services in Bay County. The current Educational Plan will be implemented or reviewed to provide the most appropriate level of service.
Transfers outside the State of Florida
All transfer students must meet initial eligibility requirement in the State of Florida. Please see the edibility criteria above. A psychological assessment must be administered by an individual licensed in the state. If an Educational Plan is written for the student in the gifted program by the sending district, that plan will be honored even if initial eligibility cannot be established immediately. If an Educational Plan is not available, the student will not be placed into gifted classes until the assessment can be completed in Bay County and eligibility determined. Those students will not be required to take the screening assessments which all other students must take.
Military Transfers
Based on the Military Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children, students who have been identified as gifted will receive the same level of services as they received in the sending school district until initial Florida eligibility can be established.



Gifted Resource Teacher

Cheryl Weaver


850-767-3776 ext 3117