Available jobs and their deadlines for application are posted on the District website. An application must be submitted to apply for any position.

Instructional Position Applications

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This application is for classroom teachers, resource teachers, guidance counselors, media specialists, Speech Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Nurses, Aviation Instructors, Auto Mechanic Instructors, Cosmetology Instructors, and Interpreters, etc.

Applications must be completed online.

  • All available instructional positions will be posted on the website.  Follow the instructions to be considered for an interview.
  • In order to be considered for an interview, you must have in your possession either your Florida Teacher's Certificate or your Statement of Eligibility from the Florida Department of Education. You should take this document with you to the interview.
  • If you are claiming "Veteran's Preference", please scan your DD214 on to your online application for verification and take a copy of it with you to your interview.
  • Upon ad close out, Principals/Administrators are responsible for setting up interviews and recommendation for hire.  
  • Any questions may be directed to Ann Smith at (850) 767-4224.

Support Position Applications

Flier with information on becoming a Para or a Substitute

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(Note: Bus drivers and bus paras are initially hired as substitutes.)

Administrative Applications

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This application is for Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals and Administrative Assistants (not a clerical position). All Administrative applications are available on our website. Please click on the above link for review of the required procedures and qualifications for these positions.  Administrative applications are submitted to Ann Smith, HR Certification Administrator, in room #107 at the Nelson Building.

Confidential Application

Confidential  application refers to the secretary to the Principal at the school or the assistant to the Administrator at the District Offices.  A High School Diploma is required.