Support Personnel include Clerks, Bookkeepers, Paraprofessionals (teacher’s aides), Custodial, Bay Base (after school care and summers), Maintenance, Parent Liaison,  Courier, etc.  All available support positions will be posted on the website.  Full time positions are six or more hours per day.  Part time positions are 5.75 hours or less per day.  Follow the instructions and complete your online application, then you will apply for the jobs for which you are qualified.   (Please make a note of your username and password.)

  • Note:  Clerks, Custodial, Bookkeepers, Bay Base, Maintenance (may also require a license), Bus Drivers, Bus Paras & Couriers require a high school diploma or a GED.  However, Bus Drivers, Bus Paras, and Custodial applicants who do not have these documents can sign a contract agreeing to earn their GED within 3 years of hire date.  Bus Drivers and Bus Paras are originally hired as substitutes only.  High school diplomas or GED’s may be uploaded to your application.  If you cannot upload them, feel free to bring them to room 107 and we will upload for you.  If you cannot locate your diploma, contact the school you graduated from and request a transcript.  A transcript or a DD214 with a graduation date can be used as a substitute for your diploma if graduation date is entered.

To those interested in becoming a paraprofessional click here for more information.

Only official transcripts should be uploaded to your online application.  If you cannot upload your transcript, you may bring it to room 147 and we will upload it  for you.  Upon being hired, we must keep the official transcript for your personnel record.

Once the deadline has passed, Principals/Administrators are responsible for setting up interviews and recommendation for hire.

Any questions may be directed to Evelyn Johnson at (850) 767-4231.