Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we call, Facilities or Maintenance?

Now that Facilities and Maintenance are two separate departments, do they each have different missions and responsibilities?
Yes, they do. The Facilities Department contracts and supervises new construction, renovation and warranty work.  If you need something new built or something old renovated, you should contact the Facilities Department at 767-4366.  The Maintenance Department's job is preventative maintenance and reactive repairs.  We try to prevent things from breaking; but, if they do, we fix them.
What if we don't know whether to ask the Maintenance or Facilities Department for assistance?
You can call us at 767-1817 or complete a Maintenance Request online.  Requests that require new construction, renovation will be forwarded to the Facilities Department at the Nelson Building.

Maintenance Requests

Where do we send our Maintenance Request forms?
Requests for reactive repairs and preventative maintenance online are now completed online. Just make sure all requests are approved by the facility manager or the administrator designated to manage  your facility's maintenance program.

What if we need immediate attention to correct a dangerous or wasteful situation?
Complete a request online, then call work control at 767-1822 or 21. This will allow us to dispatch a worker/crew to you quickly.

Can we put more than one item on a Maintenance Request?
Generally, it is best if you do not.  Obviously, several burned out lights in the same room is acceptable.  Listing numerous electrical problems that exist throughout the facility is not.

Assistance Moving Equipment and Large Items

Can someone from Maintenance please come help us move school furniture, books, stage risers, bleachers, etc? Our custodian needs help.
Sorry, but no.  We no longer have laborers assigned to Maintenance.  Please call John Harrison at 767-4209 and he will assist you, if at all possible, in getting someone to help.

Safety and Health Department Deficiencies

Who submits Maintenance Requests to correct Safety (SREF-6A2) and Health Department inspection deficiencies?
Risk Management and the Health Department provide us copies of their facility inspections.  Work Orders will be generated by the Maintenance department as necessary to correct deficiencies.

Roof Leaks

Who do we contact about roof leaks?
Roof leaks should be reported to the Maintenance Department.  Maintenance will determine if the particular roof is still under warranty.  Roofs not under warranty will be referred to Maintenance or to a contractor for repairs.  The size of the repair will determine who does the repairs.  If you submit a Maintenance Request online, please tell us if the leaking roof is over a permanent building, county-owned portable, leased portable, etc., and if it has been reported this school year. We use the same work order all year.

Painting Requests

What determines whether a painting/surface renovation project will be done by a Maintenance Department paint crew or by a contractor?
When our Carpentry Shop adds a painter to a work order they have finished, it means whatever they repaired needs painting for completion. The only other way a paint work order is generated is for vandalism which sometimes occurs throughout the district.


We need a sign made.  Can Maintenance do it for us?
Until a few years ago, signs had to be special ordered.  Maintenance would facilitate this for schools when requested.  Now, there are a number of local shops with a wide range of sign making capabilities.  Artgraphics Signs on Harrison Avenue (769-5399) is just one of a number of good sign shops in the area that you can contact. Complete a request online once you have your sign and Maintenance will hang/install it for you.

What about ADA signs?
Yes, we have them and will install them in the appropriate places.


We need replacement/additional keys made.  Can Maintenance do it for us?
Yes.  Note: ALL key duplication must be authorized by a principal/facility manager. Teachers and staff are not to duplicate keys without permission.


What's the status of self-help?
Our self-help program is alive and well.  Submit a request online and we will do our best to fill it.
Can we get paint for self-help projects?
Yes. Reasonable quantities of paint are available during the summer.  We generally don't keep specific colors in stock.  We can get whatever shade you need if you provide a sample or tell us the formula. Schools must furnish their own brushes and rollers.

Can self-help Maintenance Requests be brought to Maintenance and walked through for faster service?
Yes.  Please make this the exception and not the rule.  Also, please remember, we are not Home Depot! Most of our inventory is based on what we need to stock for our craftsmen to respond to your Maintenance Requests. You can email us for a status update, however, we will contact you when your request is ready or deliver it to you.

Hazardous Materials

Our school has old fluorescent light bulbs.  What do we do with them?
Bay District Schools has a contract with a recycling company to dispose of fluorescent bulbs and other mercury containing devices and hazardous materials.  Submit a Maintenance Request online for disposal indicating size and quantity of the fluorescent bulbs or other materials you have for disposal.  We will pick up the bulbs for the recycling company.

Pest Control

Our school has a problem with bugs!  Why don't you spray more often?
Florida Department of Education and good judgment requires us to exercise caution in the application of pesticides in our schools and on our school grounds.  While established schedules better enable us to manage the district's pest control requirements.  DOE recommends we spray only when a need becomes apparent.  Currently, we try to do both with very limited manpower.

What can we do to help with pest control in our school?
Limit the areas in your school or facility where food is stored or eaten.  Don't keep food in desks and file cabinets.  Plug up holes that allow pests to enter the facility.  The University of Florida has an excellent website about Integrated Pest Management.

What about pests in kitchen and cafeteria areas?
Please contact Food Services.  Maintenance is not authorized to apply pesticides in food preparation areas and dining rooms.

Response Time to Maintenance Requests

What determines how long it takes to get something fixed?
Our response times are predicated on the urgency of the request current work load, DOE required inspection, life safety inspections, and inspections by the Fire Marshall.

I still have a question!

I read the FAQs and I still have a question.  What now?
Call us, 767-1817.