Computer Periodic Maintenance


There's a good number of things to do to your PC on a regular basis to keep its innards healthy and performing well and make your computing life easier.


Disk Cleanup & Defrag your drive -- Go to your START button >Programs>Accessories>System Tools>
Do both: Disk Cleanup then Disk Defragmenter.

Weekly/Biweekly: (Only the most powered-up power users need to do these on a weekly basis; the rest of us can get along doing it once every 2 weeks or so.)

  1. You should delete all files older than one week from your C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder. 
  2. Empty the Recycle Bin - if your a heavy user you can use up alot of disk space with your garbage in your recycle bin. Right Click on the Recycle Bin and "Empty"
  3. Update your virus definitions through your virus scanner's Web site, or use your virus scanner's built-in Update tool.
  4. Clean off your desktop/my documents - delete any old files that you won't need anymore or save them to a cd or disk.