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Appraisal Systems



Updated 8/22/2016

Teacher Appraisal Information

2015-2016Teacher Appraisal System Manual Click Here 

2015-2016 information submitted to DOE using required DOE template (Click Here)  

2016-2017 Information

(To be used in conjunction with 2015-2016 manual)

2016-2017 Teachers of 3rd grade evaluation memo (click here)

2016-2017 Teacher Appraisal System Modifications Video (Click Here)

2016-2017 Deliberate Practice Processes and Guidelines (Click Here)

2016-2017 At A Glance and Timeline (Click Here)

Reduced Component List (Click Here)

PLC Information

Data Chart: (Click Here)

PLC Meeting Minutes Template 1 Word Document (Click Here)

PLC Meeting Minutes Template 2 Word Document (Click Here)

Observation Materials

Pre-Post Conference Questions must be completed in AIMS, but for those who want to work off line first, the questions are provided below:

Classroom Teachers (click here)
Non-Classroom (click here)

New Teacher Hires

Trainin Powerpoint and handouts (Click here)

Link to Training video:  (TBA)

Teacher Resources

Lesson Plan Templates (Click Here)

Placemat (Click Here)

 Administrator Resources 

11 Component Focus Areas:

22 Component Areas:

Domain 2 Reflection Questions- Created by:  S. Ross (Click Here)

Observation Walkthrough Form- Created by:  L. Kibler (Click Here)

Walkthrough Form-Domains 2 and 3- Created by:  S. Hall (Click Here)

Walkthrough Form-Communication Cluster-Created by:   J. Collinsworth (Click Here)

Walkthrough Form- Engagement Cluster- Created by:  J. Collinsworth  (Click Here)

Walkthrough Form- Management Cluster- Created by:   J. Collinsworth (Click Here)

Walkthrough Form-Excel with Time Stamp- Created by:  J. Lassiter (Click Here)

Walkthrough form-Excel with Time Stamp and Component (2 and 3) Drop Down Menu-Created by:  B. Reeder (Click Here)


If an instructional or administrator employee is no longer active in the district and would like to receive his/her Summative Evaluation report, please submit form "Summative Evaluation Request" (click here)

Value Added Model Information

FLDOE VAM Presentation (click here)

FLDOE White Paper (click here)

Bay District Schools VAM Roadshow PowerPoint Sample (click here)  Note:  This Roadshow given face to face and adjusted to suit the school's information and questions.  This version updated April 2013.  


Rubrics for Instructional Practice

NEW!  The 2013 Framework will be used to deepen teacher and administrator understanding of the Framework.  All stakeholders are encouraged to download the 2013 Framework to their computer for reference and training.  (Click Here)


Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching Rubric 
(Classroom Teacher)

Elements and Critical Attributes Supplemental Rubric 
(For Classroom Teacher Rubric)

Charlotte Danielson Rubrics for Non-Classroom Teachers

     Guidance Counselor (click here)

     Media Specialist (click here)

     School Psychologist (click here)

     Speech Teacher (click here)

     TOSA, Resource Teacher, Literacy Coach, STS, Title I Resource Teacher (click here)

     Social Worker, Behavioral/Counseling Resource Teacher, Crisis Intervention Teacher (click here)

     ESE Resource Teacher and DJJ Liaison (click here)

SLP/OT/PT Evaluation Information

Training Video (Click here)

SLP Role in the Evaluation (Click Here)