Safe Employees

Bay Distrcit Schools feels that safety is an important part of the job, and tries to provide a workplace that’s free of hazards; but you’ve got to do your part, and that means complying with all safety rules and regulations.


 General Safety Rules | Safety First | Vehicle Safety

It is the responsibility of every employee to know and adhere to the safety rules, which apply to the area, in which they work or may be visiting.

  • If an injury should occur on the job, notify your supervisor immediately.
  • Report unsafe conditions to your supervisor.
  • Smoking regulations must be observed.
  • No person will be permitted to work if their ability or alertness is so impaired through fatigue, illness, or other causes,as to make it unsafe for themselves or other workers.
  • Good housekeeping shall be maintained in all areas.
  • Personal protective equipment must be worn when performing work requiring this protection.
  • Protective equipment and devices installed on machinery will not be removed and will be used in accordance with established rules.

Safety First

Reporting accidents is your personal responsibility

  • Workers’ compensation benefits are provided to state employees, other personal services employees, and volunteers, for personal injury or death by an accident arising out of the course of employment. The state must provide workers’ compensation benefits as required by Chapter 440, Florida Statutes.
  • When an employee sustains a work related injury, the injured employee will immediately report the accident to his/her supervisor.
  • The injured employee will provide his/her supervisor with all information necessary for processing the workers’ compensation claim.
  • The injured employee will be furnished appropriate medical treatment and will follow instructions provided by the medical person treating the injury.
  • The injured employee will return to work immediately upon the physician’s medical release.
  • Prompt treatment can keep a minor injury from becoming a major one.

Vehicle Safety

Vehicles save muscle power -- but people provide the “brain-power”

  • All employees utilizing vehicles for state business will possess a valid Florida driver’s license.
  • Employees using their private vehicles for state business must have insurance on the vehicle as required by state law.
  • All seated occupants of vehicles operated for state business shall properly utilize the seat belts.
  • All vehicles operated on state business shall be operated in a safe and courteous manner.
  • All fines and penalties resulting from failure to comply with the law are the personal responsibility of the vehicle operator.