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School Colors

School Dress/Uniform Colors


High School
School Shirt Color
Arnold Gray, Navy & White
Bay Black, Red & White
Mosley Green, Orange & White
Rosenwald Maroon, Black & White
Rutherford Black, Yellow/Gold & White


Middle School
School Shirt Color
Breakfast Point Middle White, Blue & Yellow
CC Washington Light Blue, Navy Blue & White
Everitt Red, Royal Blue & White
Jinks Dark Green (Forest), Gold & White
Merritt Brown  Orange, Royal Blue & White
Mowat Dark Blue/Navy, Yellow & White
Surfside Black, Turquoise (Teal) & White


Elementary School
School Shirt Color
Breakfast Point Academy White, Blue & Yellow
Callaway Gold, Royal Blue & White
Cedar Grove Gold, Royal/Navy Blue & White
Deer Point Royal Blue, White & Kelley Green
Hiland Park Red, Yellow & White
Hutchison Beach Blue, Orange & White
Lucille Moore Red, Royal/Navy Blue & White
Lynn Haven Red, Navy Blue & White
M. Cherry Street Red, Royal Blue & White
Northside Navy Blue, Yellow & White
Oakland Terrace Black & Royal Blue & White
Parker Dark Green (Hunter), Light Blue & White
Patronis Green, Yellow & White
Patterson Green, Yellow & White
Southport Navy Blue, Red & White
Springfield Hunter Green, Orange & White
Tommy Smith Red, Royal/Navy Blue & White
Tyndall Blue, Red & White
Waller Navy Blue, Yellow & White
West Bay Red, White & Blue


K-12 Schools
School Shirt Color
Deane Bozeman School Navy Blue, Red & White


Other Schools
School Shirt Color
New Horizons Learning Center Navy Blue & White
St. Andrew Elementary Navy/Royal Blue, Red & White
 Thank you for working with us to ensure a safe and secure educational environment that is free from distractions based on grooming and clothing issues. If you have any questions about specific items of clothing and whether they are appropriate for school wear, please contact your school administrator or guidance counselor for assistance. For additional Information, contact your school principal, or the Director of Student Services at 850-767-4311.
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William V Husfelt III
Superintendent, Bay District Schools
Office of the Superintendent
Shirley Baker
Equity Coordinator