Bay Base

The School District of Bay County
(850) 767-4292 or 767-4066



Registration forms must be completed and fees paid before a child may participate in the program. Medical, emergency contact, and special needs information are required.   Weekly fees must be paid on Friday or Monday for the ucoming week. Payments may be made by check unless a check has been returned for insufficient funds. In such cases, all future payments must be in cash. Weekly receipts are issued and should be retained for income tax reporting services.


In the interest of safety, the parent or guardian is required to sign his child out of the Bay Base program each day. A child will only be released to person(s) who have been authorized in writing, on the registration form, to pick him/her up. Persons not recognized by the staff will be asked to show identification.   Positive reinforcement is used in dealing with children. Input from parents concerning problems at home which may affect a child's behavior is welcomed. If problems persist and affect the safety and educaitonal enrichment of the other children in the program, the Bay Base staff reserves the right to suspend and/or expel a child from the program. Actions include verbal warning, time out (removal from group or activity), note to parents, parent conference, suspension and/or termination from the program.