General Information:

School Choice is a term that describes a group of programs to provide parents the opportunity to choose the school their children will attend. School Choice does not give preference to the type of schooling; instead School Choice comes into play should the parent decide that their child will attend school outside of the one they would have been assigned to by geographic default. The most common options offered by School Choice programs include open enrollment, home education, private school, and charter school.

Florida Statutes 1002.31 requires each school district in the State of Florida to design an open enrollment plan that gives parents the opportunity to select the public school their children will attend. 

Bay District Schools provides a controlled School Choice program. The goal is to provide a quality education to all students regardless of what their educational needs are or where they live. Our desire is to ensure that each child receives the opportunity to gain the lifelong benefits that come from a quality education. School Choice is designed to help parents have greater choice in selecting a school for their child.

Benefits of School Choice

  • Parents have greater choice in selecting a school for their child
  • Students are able to attend schools with a program or theme that appeals to them
  • The potential for parent involvement is increased
  • Diversity is based on parental choice
  • Families are able to move within an attendance area without switching schools
  • Choice provides an efficient use of tax dollars by helping to relieve overcrowding in some schools and filling empty seats in others
  • Creates a positive working relationship between students, parents and schools
  • Provisions were made to ensure that parental preference be a significant factor in a student's placement. Certain other factors, such as school proximity and adherence to federal desegregation requirements must also be considered.




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School Choice & Zoning

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School Choice & Zoning