Bus Driver Notices

When an assigned bus comes in for a 30-day safety inspection, and drivers are waiting around for inspections to be completed, please stop in the office to speak with a Route Manager and/or Routing Staff member to go over the assigned bus route sheets for accuracy.


All of the turn-by-turn bus route sheets need to be verified as they are being driven each and every day.

All Transportation employees need to familiarize themselves with the School Board Policy Regarding School Bus Routes.

Chapter Six - section 6.303 regarding School Bus Routes: 

All bus routes shall be reviewed each year to determine: 

  1. If routes can be combined;
  2. If routes need to be extended;
  3. If routes can be decreased in length;
  4. If any bus needs to travel a new road other than the one traveled.

It shall be the responsibility of parents, of transported students, to ascertain and ensure that their children arrive at their assigned school bus stop on time in the morning and to provide the necessary protection for their children going to and from as well as while waiting at bus stops.

Spur routes from main trunk routes shall not be made to pick up students living less than 3/4 (three-quarters) mile from such route, except when students are physically handicapped or in cases where walking presents a danger to students. A spur route will only be considered when the road is an all-weather road, a satisfactory place to turn around is available, and the change will not result in scheduling that would require students who board the bus first to leave home at an unreasonable time in the morning.

Drivers of school buses may not discontinue stops, begin new stops, or otherwise change a route without approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Under extenuating circumstances the Superintendent or his/her designee is authorized to make exceptions to the requirements prescribed in this rule.