Instructions for Leasing of BDS Facilities / Property


Bay District School Board Policy 6.501 governs the leasing and use of school facilities and property by other organizations under certain defined conditions and with proper procedures, supervision, and documentation.  The school Principal is responsible to enforce School Board policy and has authority to enter into lease agreements with other organizations for use of his /her school facilities. 


Reference documents and forms for use of BDS school facilities:


Who Prepares?

School Board Policy 6.501 (Revised 11-14-2017)

School Board

Fees and Labor Calculator Worksheet / Booking Form

School & User

School Lease Log Form


Standard Lease Agreement

School & User

Certificate of Insurance - Example


Payments Receipt Form


Pre-Use and Post-Use Inspection Form



User Instructions: (Please follow these steps in sequence.)

1.     Check the school calendar online to see if the desired time slot is open.

2.     Review the standard lease agreement and confirm your organization’s willingness and ability to comply with the lease terms and conditions.

3.     Review the example Certificate of Insurance and confirm your organization’s willingness and ability to provide and pay for the required liability insurance coverage.  If you do not know the cost of such insurance, call your insurance carrier and get a quotation.  Note that School Board Policy 6.501 requires LIABILITY INSURANCE COVERAGE IN AT LEAST THE AMOUNT OF $100,000 PER PERSON AND $300,000 PER OCCURRENCE.  It also requires The School Board of Bay County, Florida” be named as an additional insured with the specific school / facility listed under “Certificate Holder”.  

4.     Contact the school Lease Coordinator to confirm the school calendar is open, then jointly define the space and labor requirements for your use / event and estimated attendance.  Identify any risky activities or aspects.

5.     Complete Fees and Labor Calculator Worksheet to calculate fees, estimated labor cost, and gate receipts for your use / event and review it with the school Lease Coordinator.  The worksheet should be completed based on the standard space fees.  Confirm your organization’s ability to pay the required fees, labor cost, and gate share, if applicable.   The school Principal must approve your event plan, required labor, fees to be charged, and risk assessment and mitigation plan.  

6.     If you want to reserve the school space / facility, fill out the Booking Form section at the center of the Fees and Labor Calculator Worksheet, and pay the non-refundable booking deposit (greater of $250 or 20% of the total lease fee, unless the total lease fee is less than $250 in which case the total lease fee is due at the time of booking).  The booking deposit will be credited toward the school lease fees.

7.     Work with the school Lease Coordinator and Principal to assign your lease number and sign the Standard Lease Agreement.  Leases must be executed at least 10 days in advance of your use / event.  Your booking and event will be cancelled if your lease is not signed on time.

8.     Provide your Certificate of Insurance to the school Lease Coordinator at least 10 days in advance of your use / event. Your booking and event will be cancelled if your Certificate of Insurance is not submitted on time.  Your lease period cannot extend beyond your insurance validity date.

9.     The Principal has full authority and responsibility for the lease agreements for his school facilities and property, including authority to modify school fees.  The District Executive Director of Operations has authority to modify district fees.  In each such case, the School Board policy requires the Principal to notify the Superintendent in writing about the fee modification and the case justification.  See the bottom right corner block of the Fees and Labor Calculator Worksheet – Fill out this block and email the worksheet to the Superintendent, copy to the Executive Director of Operations.

10.   The school Lease Coordinator will define any required labor to ensure safety of personnel and proper care and operation of equipment and facilities.  Lessee will be responsible to hire and pay all labor for the use / event.  At the time of payment for the labor, lessee must provide documentation to the school that the labor has been paid.  

11.   Full payment of the school and district lease fees must be made 10 days in advance of the use / event.  Separate checks must be written to the school and district.   Both payments should be given to the school.  The school will courier the district’s payment to the Executive Director of Operations at the Nelson Building.

12.   The school will perform an inspection of the leased space / facilities shortly before and again promptly after the use / event.  The pre-use and post-use inspections are to be documented on the Pre-Use and Post-Use Inspection Form.  Any excessive wear and tear or damages should be reported to Risk Management.  Costs of repairs will be charged to the Lessee and must be paid in full within 10 days of billing.


Lease File Contents for Internal Audit

=       Lease Log Form (establishing lease number assignment and event info)

=       Fees and Labor Calculator Worksheet (defining event details and costs, booking form, and deposit)

=       Signed Lease Agreement

=       Certificate of Insurance

=       Lease Payments Receipt Form (covers deposit, school fee, district fee, event labor, and repairs)

=       Pre-Use and Post-Use Inspection Form

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