Have you ever been out of the loop on school information for your child, all because he or she lost the handout/flyer or forgot to give it to you? Well, you’re now in luck as Bay District Schools is eliminating this problem with a tool called “PeachJar”. Essentially, PeachJar is a website the district’s teachers and staff use to electronically share school-approved flyers. While it helps us eliminate waste and save taxpayer dollars, it also helps us get information to parents and BDS staff faster and more effectively.


Parents/Guardians: if your child is registered at a school in Bay District, you will automatically receive an email from PeachJar that generates a username and password. However, there is no further action needed to receive flyers. The username and password is given to allow you to manage your account preferences. Flyers will be sent to the email address listed in registration paperwork and you do not need to login to PeachJar to view them.

To make sure you are alerted when a flyer is available to view, we suggest you save the email school@peachjar.com. When you receive your first flyer from PeachJar, click “always display images”.  If you lose your username and/or password, please contact PeachJar directly at support@peachjar.com or give them a call at (858) 997-2117 and they will assist you.

PeachJar flyers will keep you up to date on the latest news in your child’s school and the district. Programs, events, club activities and sports activities are just a few examples of the flyers you may receive! 

Examples of flyers parents have received in the past:


Organizations Affiliated with Bay District Schools 

For organizations who are affiliated with Bay District, such as SAC Committees, PTOs, athletic or band boosters, school clubs, etc, PeachJar is free for you to distribute flyers through. Those are approved, and sent, by each school’s principal. 

Organizations NOT Affiliated with Bay District Schools

Bay District Schools is happy to recognize our partners in the community through distribution of your flyers in the schools. To request flyer approval, you should follow these steps: 

- Go to https://ms.peachjar.com.

- Register your account as Enrichment/Community Organization.

- Upload your flyer which will be submitted to the Bay District Schools Office of Communications. Staff will review the submission and either approve or deny your request based upon whether or not it aligns with School Board policy. 

Approval of the flyers will take up to five (5) business days. If you are an organization who wishes to promote a free community event/activity that does not aim to persuade individuals to join programs including fees, or to purchase products/services, PeachJar can choose to waive the fees for service. If you’d like to request a fee waiver, you must directly contact PeachJar at support@peachjar.com or you can call (858) 997-2117. 

Flyers will be approved if they: 

- Support the educational vision of Bay District Schools, or benefit students, staff, or parents/guardians.

- Are in PDF format smaller than 6MB.

- Include contact information of the organization promoting the activity/event.

Examples of approved community flyers:



The distribution of flyers through PeachJar is not an endorsement. Bay District Schools holds the right to remove flyers from PeachJar if an organization is in violation of PeachJar and/or School Board guidelines.

Flyers will NOT be approved if they:

- Have a cost attached to the event/program

- Contain religious or political opinions and/or views 

- Contain inappropriate or obscene content that is not suitable for review in a school or family setting. 

- Promote the purchase of illegal products or businesses that are inappropriate for minors to visit. 

- Do not align with Bay District Schools policies.

- Are contrary to law.

- Disrupt students during a normal school day.




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