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Bay High School - AICE

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program is an international pre-university curriculum and examination system for academically able students. It is a flexible, broad-based, two-year curriculum, which is offered worldwide in schools and colleges. AICE features courses written specifically as preparation for honors degree programs. It encourages high academic standards and provides an ideal basis for study at the college and university level. The AICE program at Bay High School includes a pre-AICE program for freshmen and sophomores with advancement to the Advanced International Certificate of Education program during the junior and senior years. An AICE Diploma is awarded on the basis of examination scores and course work performance during six full-credit courses. By requiring students take a minimum of six full-credit courses with at least one course chosen from each of the three subject areas, the AICE Diploma ensures that all students follow a broad and balanced academic program. Advanced (A) Level and Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level certificates listing subjects passed are issued to those students who do not earn the full diploma. Within this framework, AICE offers an extremely flexible curriculum which can be tailored to students’interests, abilities, and future plans.

The AICE program is an innovative and accelerated method of study offered through University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), a division of University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England. For over 170 years the prestigious University of Cambridge has been setting worldwide curriculum standards through their examinations. American universities have responded enthusiastically to AICE. The Florida Legislature has identified AICE as a graduation option and acceleration mechanism through which students can be awarded college credit. Students earning the AICE Diploma qualify for the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholarship. Students completing the curriculum can earn the Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship. Students who complete the AICE curriculum will be provided the best possible foundation for advanced post secondary studies anywhere in the world. Bay High School is proud to be one of the first high schools to offer the AICE program in the United States.


If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the AICE Coordinator, Marlene Bland:
Bay High School, 1200 Harrison Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401
Phone: (850) 767-4617
Fax: (850) 747-5749


Arnold High School - Collegiate Studies Program

 Arnold is the only official, College Board approved Pre-AP school in Bay County, and one of only twelve in the State of Florida.  We are proud to be a part of this program, as we know that it is the best resource to prepare students for rigorous college level course work that they will face in the Collegiate Studies Program at Arnold High School.  With a large number of AP and DE course available, we are able to work with students, and parents to build a pathway of success, in both academics and in life. A Collegiate Studies student has to meet the challenge a rigorous curriculum.  The key to our students’ success is the prescriptive education that we offer. Each student’s path to success looks different and our Guidance Department is here to help each student find their path.

Applicant Standards for Admission


  • A robust work ethic

  • A strong desire to excel

  • Integrity, Commitment and Flexibility

  • good attendance and discipline records

Strongly Recommended:

  • A minimum 3.0 GPA

  • A 3 or higher on FSA and all EOCs

You can learn more about the program on our website.

Interested applicants may apply to Collegiate Studies by contacting the Collegiate Studies Department at J.R. Arnold High School.

Director of Collegiate Studies

Katie Seay Clunan


CS Secretary

Stefanie Fowler



Rutherford High School - IB Programme

Our Mission: The International Baccalaureate program at Rutherford High School aims to develop the individual talents of young people and teach them to relate the experience of the classroom to the realities of the world outside. Beyond intellectual rigor and high academic standards, strong emphasis is placed on the ideals of international understanding and responsible citizenship. The ideal profile of an IB student is that of a critical and compassionate thinker, an informed participant in local and world affairs, who values the shared humanity that binds all people together while respecting the variety of cultures and attitudes that makes for the richness of life.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is designed to meet the highest standards required of any high school student in the world. Successful completion of the Diploma Program earns the student a diploma recognized for university admission throughout the world and for course credit and academic placement at over 1000 leading colleges and universities in the United States.

The IB Diploma Program is a system of syllabi and examinations based on the idea that general education at the upper secondary level should encompass the development of all the main powers of the mind through which the student interprets, modifies, and enjoys his/her environment.

Assessment & Evaluation of Student Work
Judgments about the quality of students’ work depend not only on internal assessment of course work by school faculty over the four-year period, but also on external assessment and evaluation by a worldwide staff of more than 5000 examiners led by chief examiners with international authority.

Award of the IB Diploma
The award of the IB diploma requires students to meet defined standards and conditions including:


-completion of the required sequence of courses in each of the six groups
-acceptable score on assessments in three or four subjects at the higher level
-acceptable score on assessments at the standard level in other subjects
-completion of an extended essay in one of the IB curriculum subjects
-completion of a course in Theory of Knowledge
-completion of Creative, Action and Service activities

Students who fail to satisfy all requirements may be awarded a certificate for successful completion of examinations.

Some Interesting Facts about the IB at RHS:
Rutherford has been ranked by Newsweek magazine as one of the top high schools in the United States each year since 2000. In the last 5 years, Rutherford has produced 157 Advanced Placement Scholars; 141 of these AP Scholars were also IB Diploma Graduates. Since 2005, RHS International Baccalaureate students have passed over 1800 IB exams, and earned over 240 International Baccalaureate Diplomas. Since 2005, IB Diploma Graduates have earned almost $16,000,000.00 in scholarships which averages to over $40,000 per IB Graduate. Since 2005, RHS IB Diploma Graduates have completed over 80,000 Creativity, Action and Community Service hours. Since 2005, the IB at RHS has produced 384 Bright Future Scholars, 24 National Merit Scholars, 6 Military Academy Appointees and 11 ROTC Scholarship recipients. On average, RHS IB students earn 25 college credits as a result of their successful completion of the IB Program. This translates to at least one year’s worth of credit at the post-secondary level.

The IB curriculum can best be seen as displayed as a hexagon with six academic areas surrounding the core. Subjects are studied concurrently, and students are exposed to the two great traditions of learning – the humanities and the sciences. Candidates are required to select one subject from each of the six subject groups. Distribution requirements ensure that the science-oriented student is challenged to learn a foreign language and the natural linguist becomes familiar with laboratory procedures. While overall balance is maintained, flexibility in choosing higher level studies allows students to pursue areas of personal interest and to meet special requirements for university entrance.


The six groups of study include:
Group 1 Language A1 (First Language) including the study of selections from World Literature
Group 2 Language B (Second Language) or second Language A
Group 3 Individuals and Societies (Social Sciences)
Group 4 Experimental Sciences
Group 5 Mathematics
Group 6 The Arts and Electives

The International Baccalaureate Program is recognized by universities in more than 100 countries. Among the United States universities which have enrolled IB diploma holders are: Carnegie-Mellon, Johns Hopkins University, New York University, Dartmouth, MIT, Duke, U.S. Naval, Air Force and Military Academies, Georgetown, Harvard/Radcliffe, Columbia, Brown, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Sanford, University of California/Berkeley. ALL Florida universities recognize and enroll IB diploma holders. Many IB students are enrolled in special honors programs at universities.

Certainly, an IB diploma can offer a student an “edge” or boost a student’s acceptance into a university where admittance is competitive. However, other advantages include: in most universities, IB diploma holders receive college credit or advanced standing or a combination of the two; credit for up to a year is not unusual in Florida, the IB diploma can translate into 30 semester hours in all state universities students who earn an IB certificate in a specific subject a re also frequently awarded credit or advanced standing in that subject. The International Baccalaureate Program provides a service which is unique in its depth, scope, rigor and international emphasis. 69 Florida High Schools currently participate in the IB Diploma Program. The IB Diploma Program is a graduation option for Florida students and is also an automatic qualifier for Florida’s Bright Futures Scholarship.


If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Karen T. Brown:
Phone: (850) 767-4500


Mosely High School - MAPPS

Contact Information

Mosley Phone Number - 850-767-4400 or 850-767-4221


MAPPS Office Extensions

Paul Durden, MAPPS Coordinator - 850-767-4420

Laura Evans, MAPPS Counselor 850-767-4410

Sharon Hofer, MAPPS Counselor 850-767-4413

Karen Johnson, MAPPS Secretary - 850-767-4421


Located on the A. Crawford Mosley High School campus in Lynn Haven, Florida, the Mosley Advanced Placement Program for Success (MAPPS) is a college preparatory program for students in ninth through twelfth grade. A. Crawford Mosley High School has a well-established reputation for academic excellence. Seeking to provide our students with the best possible preparation for college, Mosley has continuously upgraded its honors program since the school's opening in 1973. 

In 1983, Mosley began its highly successful relationship with the prestigious and internationally recognized Advanced Placement Program. Mosley has also developed a close relationship with neighboring Gulf Coast Community College through the Dual-Enrollment Program.

In 1995, Mosley established a math/science magnet program on campus known as MACSM for students interested in pursuing careers in engineering, bio-medical fields, and computers. These students are provided both a specially designed curriculum and a support network of teachers, parents, counselors, and community professionals to ensure the best possible preparation for such demanding professions. The overwhelming response by students and parents to MACSM prompted Mosley to redesign our college preparatory program along similar lines. By establishing the Mosley Advanced Placement Program for Success (MAPPS), we provide a nurturing environment for our college-bound students. Flexible curriculum choices allow students to develop personal strengths while also meeting state scholarship as well as diploma requirements.

Over the past decade, research has shown that college students who participated in the Advanced Placement Program in high school outperform their peers in college. Because Mosley has been the leader among district high schools in AP examination results since the introduction of the program into Bay County in the early 1980's, MAPPS is founded on a strong record of academic performance. 

In 2015, Mosley developed a Pre-Medical program, open to students in grades 9-12 interested in many aspects of the health care profession, such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, dentistry, psychology, veterinary medicine and many more. Our pre-med program is under the direction of Dr. John Wade. Furthermore, MAPPS believes that a student's future success should not be strictly defined by such commendable academic success. The college preparatory program at Mosley provides an environment which seeks to develop the total person; therefore, MAPPS promotes student involvement in the performing arts, athletics, and voluntary service to the community. Our guidance counselors, faculty advisors, and program coordinators encourage student participation in a wide variety of activities that prepare students not just for college, but for life. 

Since 1975, Mosley has sent forth its graduates to embrace their future. As our college preparatory program alumni continue their education at many of the finest colleges and universities, one constant theme emerges when they return to their alma mater, "Thank you for preparing us so well!" MAPPS is a demanding college-preparatory curriculum; therefore, admission into MAPPS is selective. Spaces in the freshman class are awarded on a selective basis. The first step in the process is for students to determine their long-range goals. MAPPS is for students who are serious about preparing for college. Students should submit an application for admission only after determining that MAPPS meets their educational goals. 

Students applying to MAPPS must present a middle school record that demonstrates academic talent. Students will find in the application minimum requirements for grade point average and standardized test results. Teacher recommendations are also an important tool in evaluating students' work habits and attitude in middle school. After the selection process is complete, all students will receive a letter concerning their status in the program. Students who are admitted to MAPPS will meet with the freshman MAPPS counselor during the spring to select their program of study for the fall. Curriculum options listed on the following pages will be explained by the MAPPS counselor. Students do not have to make a choice immediately as to their area of concentration. All freshmen will enroll in a core curriculum and take Pre-AP courses in the basic disciplines. 

The admission process is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for an applicant and his/her family to understand the Mosley Advanced Placement Program for Success' philosophy of college preparatory education and for the Admission Committee to understand each applicant's educational background and interest. Only when these goals have been met can both the family and the school be satisfied that the right match has been made for the student's successful education. As a Bay District Schools college preparatory program, MAPPS admits any student who meets admission standards and resides within Bay County, Florida. Any student may apply to MAPPS. If the student meets admission standards, then all provisions of the Student Assignment Policy (BDS 7.102) will be applied to that student’s particular situation to determine if they may attend Mosley High School. If a parent believes their family situation meets the standards set forth in the hardship provision of BDS 7.102, they should contact the superintendent’s office. 

I. Applicant's Responsibilities - It is the applicants' responsibility to get Teacher Recommendation forms to his/her teachers for completion. Teacher recommendations are confidential. Students seeking admission to MAPPS after the standard application period must contact the MAPPS coordinator at 850-767-4420 or for instructions. 

II. Review of Academic Record - Each candidate for admissions will have his/her academic record reviewed by the Application Committee. A student currently attending school outside of Bay County should request that a transcript be sent to the MAPPS program at Mosley High School. A student must maintain a minimum of a B average or 3.0 GPA to be considered for admission. The average GPA for entering has been 3.7 for the past four years. 

III. Standardized Testing - Each candidate must have standardized test results that can be reviewed by the Application Committee. The committee prefers the following tests: CAT, Iowa, Stanford, or SAT. A student can also be evaluated with state testing program results such as FCAT. A students score should be in the top quartile (75% or above total battery) to be considered for admission. The average total battery aptitude for entering freshmen has been 88% for the last four years. 

IV. Attendance and Discipline Records - The high expectations of the MAPPS program require that a student display a mature attitude towards his/her studies. Regular attendance and a good discipline record are considered proof of a proper attitude. A Conduct Disclosure Statement appears on the MAPPS Application. Parents should contact the MAPPS Coordinator if they have questions concerning their child's attendance or discipline records. 

V. Math Placement - The majority of incoming MAPPS freshmen have taken Algebra I in middle school. MAPPS does admit students who are excelling in Pre-Algebra in 8th grade and present a strong academic profile. 

VI. Letters of Notification - The Admission Committee will mail letters of notification in the spring. Families are encouraged to contact the MAPPS Coordinator if any questions should arise at any time during the admission process.


The Coordinator's direct number is 850-767-4420 or


Deane Bozeman School - Collegiate Academy

Deane Bozeman School’s college preparatory program is dedicated to Teaching Rigorous Academics for College and Career Success (TRACCS). The TRACCS Advanced Academic Academy provides students with college-prep Honors courses and college level Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual-Enrollment (DE) courses.

In addition to these courses, students have career exploration and preparation opportunities through our Agriscience and Web Design academies. Our goal is to attain academic excellence in a caring atmosphere while challenging students with high expectations and unique learning opportunities. Dean Bozeman School is committed to providing and expanding our AP and DE programs to meet the needs of our ever growing population. TRACCS seeks applicants for admission from highly motivated students who desire a rigorous high school experience while preparing for their future.

Application Guidelines Overall B or 3.0 grade point average (gpa) Minimum passage requirements of grade-level state testing Good Attendance Record Good Discipline Record Program Application The application window for Advanced Academic Programs is available on-line ( during the January-February time-frame of each year for Bay County students. Students transferring to Deane Bozeman School and miss the application window must contact the TRACCS Coordinator at 767-1300 to be reviewed for admission.

General Program Guidelines Students will be required to maintain academic excellence in their pursuit of completing state university standards and/or technical academy completion to remain in good standing in the Advanced Academic Program. Additional guidance intervention(s) will be provided for students placed on academic probationary status while a member of the TRACCS program. 

Official seal for Bay District Schools
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William V Husfelt III
Bay District Schools
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