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Bay High School - AICE

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program is an international pre-university curriculum and examination system for academically able students. It is a flexible, broad-based, three-year curriculum, which is offered worldwide in schools and colleges. AICE features courses written specifically as preparation for honors degree programs. It encourages high academic standards and provides an ideal basis for study at the college and university level. The AICE program at Bay High School includes a pre-AICE program for freshmen with advancement to the Advanced International Certificate of Education program during the sophomore, junior and senior years. An AICE Diploma is awarded on the basis of examination scores and course work performance during seven full-credit courses. By requiring students take a minimum of seven full-credit courses with at least one course chosen from each of the three subject areas, the AICE Diploma ensures that all students follow a broad and balanced academic program. Advanced (A) Level and Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level certificates listing subjects passed are issued to those students who do not earn the full diploma. Within this framework, AICE offers an extremely flexible curriculum which can be tailored to students’ interests, abilities, and future plans.

The AICE program is an innovative and accelerated method of study offered through University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), a division of University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England. For over 170 years the prestigious University of Cambridge has been setting worldwide curriculum standards through their examinations. American universities have responded enthusiastically to AICE. The Florida Legislature has identified AICE as a graduation option and acceleration mechanism through which students can be awarded college credit. Students earning the AICE Diploma automatically qualify for the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholarship which currently pays 100% tuition in Florida. Students completing the curriculum can earn the Bright Futures Florida Medallion Scholarship. Students who complete the AICE curriculum will be provided with the best possible foundation for advanced post-secondary studies anywhere in the world. Bay High School is proud to be one of the first high schools to offer the AICE program in the United States.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the AICE Coordinator, Marlene Bland:
Bay High School, 1200 Harrison Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401
Phone: (850) 767-4617
Fax: (850) 747-5749


Rutherford High School - IB

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Rutherford High School aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are highly motivated to succeed.  The ideal profile of an IB student is that of a critical and compassionate thinker, an informed participant in local and world affairs, who values the shared humanity that binds all people together, who strives to build a better world while respecting the variety of cultures and attitudes that makes for the richness of life.  The IB vision of education centers on the whole student: rigorous, inquiry-based academics balanced with a healthy, active lifestyle; creative pursuits and expression, and meaningful service to others.  

The IB Diploma Program is designed to offer the highest college preparatory curriculum standards available to students around the globe. In order to offer this academic program, all IB World Schools must go through an intense authorization and evaluation process which is repeated every five years.  IB teachers and administrators are required to stay abreast of curriculum development and to attend mandatory professional development on a regular basis.  The IB Diploma Program is a two-year college-level curriculum for 11th and 12th-grade students.  Students who choose to pursue the full program will complete courses in English, Foreign Language, History, Science, Mathematics, Theory of Knowledge, and a chosen elective.  In addition to academic research in every subject area, students will also complete an Extended Essay research paper in a subject area of their own interest, working closely with a faculty advisor.  All full IB Diploma Candidates have the opportunity to earn 30+ hours of college credit, automatic qualification for the Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship, as well as admission preference to the most prestigious colleges and universities worldwide.  Many students choose to combine and supplement their IB coursework experience with Advanced Placement, CTE, and dual enrollment classes, giving them the opportunity to create a personalized educational path, specifically designed to meet their future goals.  As the International Baccalaureate Organization celebrates the beginning of its 51st year, Rutherford High School is proud to celebrate our 27th year of offering this world-class opportunity to the students of Bay County.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the IB Coordinator, Catherine Rutland:
Rutherford High School, 1000 School Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401
Phone: (850) 767-4514
Fax: (850) 747-5439


Deane Bozeman School - BCA

Bozeman Collegiate Academy (BCA) strives to prepare students for academic rigor by offering courses in Advanced Placement (AP) as well as Dual Enrollment (DE) through Gulf Coast State College. BCA will help develop and strengthen student’s intellect by engagement in academic challenge for those willing to push their own boundaries. BCA is a program of high standards grounded in an encouraging and caring atmosphere. Students will find the results of the challenge to be greater success at the university level and the overall development of the individual.

BCA provides students with college-prep Honors courses, college level Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Dual-Enrollment (DE) courses. In addition to these courses, students have career exploration and preparation opportunities through our Agriculture Biotechnology Program, Vet Assistant (featuring daily interaction with live animals), ROTC and Web Design academies. Deane Bozeman School is committed to providing and expanding our Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses to meet the needs of our ever growing population. BCA seeks applicants for admission from highly motivated students who desire a rigorous high school experience while preparing for their future. 

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact the guidance department or Ivan Beach:
Deane Bozeman School, 13410 FL-77
Panama City, FL 32409
Phone: (850) 767-1300
Fax: (850) 265-5377




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