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Important Testing Information for Home School Students:

Your student may take the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA).  This is the assessment that all Florida public school students are required to take.  Though it is not a required assessment for home school students, it does meet the requirements for the annual home school evaluation.  Please keep in mind that participation in this assessment is your choice.

The FSA will be administered over several days in during the months of February, March, April, and May of 2020. If participating, home school students must test on regular scheduled days, not make-up days.

**In order to receive a score for the FSA Reading assessment, the student must also take the FSA Writing assessment**

If you wish to have your home school student(s) participate in FSA Testing, please contact Debi Howell at 767-4122, no later than February 10, 2020.

Please watch for the upcoming testing schedule to be posted. 


Home Education Program 

Home Education is a parent-directed educational option that satisfies the requirement for regular school attendance. All requests to educate a child in a home education program are to be submitted to the Superintendent via the Home School Department.

Bay District Schools Home Education Office assists the parents of approximately 1,000 students who choose to educate their children at home in complying with Florida State Statutes, referencing Compulsory School Attendance. Specifically, this office maintains records, sends courtesy reminders of evaluations due, and notifies parents of opportunities for state standardized testing. (Please note: state tests are optional for Home School Students).

Home school families should refer to this website often for information regarding important testing, events, etc. 


District Policy:

Home School Education 8.901

Compulsory Attendance 7.101


New Location

1515 June Avenue, Panama City, FL 32405, in Building 5. 

For more information, contact 850-767-4122.


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