Parents' Bill of Rights


Bay District Schools, in conjunction with the  Florida Legislature, recognizes the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children.  In Bay County, we are fortunate to have numerous community services available to the families we serve. With the offering of services comes a parent's fundamental rights, under Florida’s Parents' Bill of Rights, to make informed, individualized, and specific consent decisions regarding your child’s health and wellbeing that aligns with your personal beliefs and your preferred choices.

Please know that consenting to healthcare and/or other services does not negate or waive your right to access records pertaining to your child. Bay District Schools is committed to protecting parental rights by enforcing Section 1002.22, Florida Statutes, as well as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) with regards to a student’s academics, behavior, and medical records.

Please be advised that if your child has an individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan, then the specific written consent(s) you have provided during the IEP or Section 504 planning, or evaluation process, will control and take precedence over any consent parameters set forth in  written or electronic consent forms. If you have questions or concerns regarding previous consents, evaluations, or services provided to your child under his/her IEP,  504 plan, or evaluation process, please contact your child’s school to schedule a team meeting to discuss the rights afforded to you under the IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

To learn more about the healthcare and other services that are available to your child, and to make an informed decision as to whether you will be consenting to the provision of those services, please complete the appropriate form which is available for viewing in the links below or contact your child’s school.

Parents' Bill of Rights 

Bay District Schools is committed to honoring the rights of parents and promoting parental involvement within the educational process.  The School Board of Bay County recognizes the fundamental rights of parents to direct the education, care, and upbringing of their minor children.

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School Board Policy

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Parent/Guardian Rights and Notices

Parental Consent and Opt-outs


Reproductive Health and Disease

HB 545 Requires school districts and boards to:

  • Publish notice on district's website concerning parent's right to exempt student from reproductive health & disease education

  • Annually approve instructional materials relating to reproductive health and disease education in an open, noticed public meeting

  • Make reproductive health and disease education instructional materials available for public review and comment under a specific process.


Reproductive Health and Disease Education

Library/Media Center Usage

Every student is provided the opportunity to check out and utilize books (print and eBooks), periodicals, and other resources at the school. Materials included in the school library/media center should be age-appropriate and support state standards, benchmarks, and course goals. Parents can access their student's school webpage to find materials located in the school's media collection. Click here to find your student's school webpage. Parents who would like to opt out their student from the opportunity to check out and utilize books (print and eBooks), periodicals, and other resources at the school can indicate this by contacting their school's media specialist where a note will then be added to the student's Destiny patron account.

Library/Media Center Usage

Likeness Permission

The School Board of Bay County strives to celebrate the accomplishments of its students by sharing information with the community. To do this, the District may submit press releases to local media (newspapers, radio, television, online news blogs) that include student names, student work, student photographs, and video and/or voice recordings.

In addition, the District may choose to publish and/or display this information in District-sponsored publications, at various school or public functions, on the School’s  cable channel, website(s) and various social media channels, or in the school yearbook. While the intent of this practice is to be informative and celebratory, the District recognizes that concerns may arise regarding a student’s right to privacy.

Pursuant to the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), school districts are permitted to release "school directory information" unless parents exercise their right of refusal. Under the FERPA law, this information could include: student name, photographs/images, school locations, honors and awards received, and participation in athletics and other activities. If you DO NOT grant permission for the District and/or school to release your child’s name, photograph, schoolwork, and/or video or voice recording in the manner stated above, you must indicate no. A “no” is considered valid for one (1) school year. 

It is the intent and practice of the School District to publish, post, or release ONLY a child’s name, photograph, audio and/or video recording, displays of student work or other school-related information and ONLY as related to student achievement (e.g. academic/athletic recognition or award) or student accomplishment (e.g. a specially selected piece of work).

Please understand, however, that if you do not give consent for your child’s likeness to be shared on BDS social media/websites/external broadcasts etc. then your child's image/name will not be included in year-end slide shows, honors celebration videos and other celebratory posts/videos because you did not give consent. It’s not possible to give individual consent per event.


 Digital Likeness Permission

Specific Health Services Consent

Every student has the opportunity to participate in the School Health Service Program provided in partnership with PanCare Inc. of Florida and Florida Department of Health in Bay County. As required in Section 381.0056, Florida Statues, the District's School Health Plan is to enrich learning by promoting student health and wellness.


Basic services including Basic First Aid and Medication Administration Assistance are provided to all students with proper parent/guardian consent.  Additional services, specifically school health screenings, are grade-level specific.  Additional grades or individuals may be screened based on need.  In addition to grade-level specific screenings for hearing, vision, dental, height/weight, and scoliosis, all students new to the state of Florida in grades K-5 will have the opportunity to be screened for vision and hearing.


Consent for services is based on completion of the Specific Health Consent Form and will remain in effect for one (1) school year unless a parent/guardian rescinds consent for school health services. Separate parent/guardian authorizations are required for the school clinic staff or health technicians to administer any medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) on a daily or as-needed basis.


Specific Health Service Consent

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