About Us

Our Vision 


Bay District Schools will develop all students to their highest potential to produce successful, innovative citizens and leaders for tomorrow's world.


Mission Statement


Bay District Schools will deliver a high quality education in a collaborative, safe, and respectful environment. Our commitment is to inspire students in the development of character with the acquisition and use of knowledge and skills as we prepare them for life and work in a diverse, global economy.

We believe that...


  1. Everyone must have a passionate commitment to academic excellence through high standards.

    We will set standards and establish environments that create high-performing schools where everyone is accountable and responsible for maintaining academic excellence and sound management.

  2. Relationships of students and adults must show empathy, care and trust.

    We will build relationships that enhance each student's opportunities to excel in a rigorous curriculum regardless of their place of residence, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, native language, or special needs.

  3. Compassion, conviction, and intense dedication to student academic success should stand as our hallmark.

    We will ensure that effective teachers and principals lead each classroom and school environment with academic excellence and innovative teaching practices.

  4. A professional teaching environment must be collaborative, innovative, and progressive.

    We will foster collaborative teamwork, critical thinking, mastery of content, personal growth and a school-wide learning culture among students and teachers alike.

  5. Data is revered as a means to provide feedback to students, refine instructional practices, and drive intervention decisions.

    We will use data and program evaluations to determine student, teacher, school, and district gains in student achievement.

  6. Connections within the community will help enhance student engagement.

    We believe responsible citizens are the foundation of our society, and that comprehensive learning must take place at home, in school, and in the community.

  7. Technology skills are essential in today's global economy.

    We will provide our students with opportunities to acquire the technology skills necessary to compete in the local and global workforce.

  8. Equitable distribution of academic and operational resources will promote student success.

    We will distribute resources in an equitable manner to ensure the requirements and needs of each facility are met.



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William V Husfelt III
Superintendent, Bay District Schools
Office of the Superintendent
Holly Buchanan
Employment and Income Verification Equity Coordinator
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