Update from the Superintendent

To:  Parents and Guardians

From:   Bill Husfelt, Superintendent

Date:   May 08, 2022

 This is the third in a series of articles highlighting each of our high schools and the stories

of some of their outstanding graduates.




By Bill Husfelt

Superintendent, Bay District Schools




When the members of A. Crawford Mosley High School’s Class of 2022 walk the stage this month, they will be doing so with many accomplishments to celebrate.

While just walking the stage (in light of the challenges of the hurricane and pandemic) is an accomplishment by itself, this class has garnered more than $4 million in scholarship offers and includes ten seniors who have State Championship rings.

The class, according to Principal Brian Bullock, also includes:

?       Two Military Academy appointments (Mark Clemons and Alex Fulton)

?       Band members who received the prestigious Otto J. Kraushaar Award, only the top one percent of bands in the state receive this honor

?       20 seniors receiving athletic scholarships

?       Volleyball State Champions

?       Football Regional Finals District Champions

Despite the challenges of the past four years, Bullock said it’s also notable that “74 percent of our senior class students took an Advanced Placement class. The fact that these students dealt with a hurricane and a pandemic and still excelled in and outside of the classroom is amazing.”

While the past four years have certainly been challenging, MHS Senior Courtney Mathes said the relationships she built before high school, and those she added during high school, helped her continue to succeed. “BDS employees have always made sure we were okay and were there for us,” she said. “We have had a rough four years and it’s humbling to know that they have our back. They have always been encouraging and made sure we are alright. I still keep in touch with my elementary school teachers because they have made such an impact on who I am today.”

Classmates Lamar Herrero Clark and Robert Wills agreed.

“I would like to thank my mom and brothers, football coaches, teachers, teammates, and close friends,” Lamar said. “They all have helped me through so much and taught me so many things in my high school career.” In thanking his football coaches, past and present, Robert added, “so many others have shown me so much love during the time I've been here.”

All three Mosley seniors have attended Bay District Schools for their entire K-12 education, and all three stressed the importance of campus involvement. “Joining clubs was the best thing for me, and now I have friends who have stuck around for four years. Students should not be afraid of being themselves and getting involved. There are so many opportunities to meet new people and get involved here,” Courtney said.

Lamar, who attended Hiland Park Elementary School and Mowat Middle School before coming to A. Crawford Mosley, wants to attend college after graduation. “I plan to be a physical therapist and possibly own my own business,” he said. Courtney plans to attend Gulf Coast State College before getting a Bachelor’s Degree and she hopes to “become a geometry teacher to help serve and give back to my community.”

Robert also wants to serve his community by attending college to become an Emergency Medical Technician and then a Firefighter. If it wasn’t for BDS employees and the support he’s received, Robert said, “there’s no way I would have made it through school the way I did.”

All three students talked about the importance of family support and encouragement and noted they were fortunate to have others invested in their education. Courtney, a Take Stock in Students scholarship recipient from the Bay Education Foundation, said her mentor Ms. Kimberly Bishop has been an invaluable resource. “And I need to thank all of my past teachers for believing in me,” she added.

In thanking all of their teachers, family members and other supporters, all three students expressed gratitude for Mosley High School and the entire BDS family. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a BDS student. These schools have amazing teachers and staff. They will care for your child like no other. Your children are in good hands no matter where they go to school,”  Courtney said. “Mosley High School is a great school and is filled with support. Bay District Schools have definitely opened up many doors for me to succeed,” Lamar added.

Robert closed out his interview with some advice we can all use: “I try to make people as happy as I can because it makes me happy,” he said.

Congratulations graduates … we know you and your family members are thrilled that you’ve achieved this milestone. We look forward to seeing the future impact you have on our community, our state and country and our entire world!




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