Help Desk

Help Desk

The Information Service Team strives to give everyone at Bay District Schools quality customer service. In order for us to accomplish this, we need your help.


If you are experiencing a problem with your password, computer, printer, telephone, or any other technical issues; please click on the link below. You may want to look at our Troubleshooting Tips Page before submitting your help desk ticket.
Log in with your username, the password is your current network password. Click on Submit Request, under “Subject” , please give your location and a brief description of your problem. You can put more detailed information in “Description” field (See NOTE below). Click on Add Request, click on Log out. Your request will be taken care of in the order it is received. You can reach this site from any computer in the district.




NOTE: For better response, all help desk Issues should include the following information:

The School , Building ,and Room Number that you are assigned to and Phone number you can be contacted
Computer Problems - please enter Computer Name (click Red ID icon on desktop) and brief problem description in the Subject field.
Printer Problems - please enter Printer Name (from address label on printer) and brief problem description in the Subject field.
SMART Problem - please enter Bldg and Room, Projector model, and brief problem description in the Subject field.
Password Problems - please enter USERID and system not working in the Title field. Phone problem - we will also need the wall jack number that the phone is plugged in to.

Make sure that you specify the password that you need changed, i.e., Network, Google, AS400, etc. The password will be emailed to you and the designated Point of Contact for your site. Your principal or an administrator should be able to let you know who that person is.


The MIS department works to provide teachers and staff with the resources needed to improve students learning and complete work tasks. We provide hardware, software, repair and maintenance to our machines. Over the past few years our MIS department has made great advances in our school system with programs such as FOCUS. The district provides teachers and staff with modern internet-enabled computers, Google e-mail accounts, and other computer programs.


If for some reason you cannot get to the help desk website, or get signed in you may also contact the help desk by:

Email or Phone 767-4150 (leave voice mail message)

1311 Balboa Avenue
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 767-4100
William V Husfelt III
Superintendent, Bay District Schools
Office of the Superintendent
Shirley Byas
Employment and Income Verification Equity Coordinator
Public Records Request