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School Improvement Plans

According to State Statute and Bay District School Board Policy 8.601:

Each school in Bay County shall establish a School Advisory Council (“Advisory Council”). The Advisory Council at each school in the district shall assist in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan which shall provide a system of school improvement and accountability in accordance with Florida law. 


School Improvement Plans

• Is your SIP a catalyst for change? 

• How will you be a change agent on your school site?

School Improvement Plans are housed online at FDOE's Bureau of School Improvement website. SIP Contacts for each school may learn a great deal of information from the online toolkit under the SIP tab. If you should like to meet with someone to work through the process or provide feedback contact Ilea Faircloth. 


Guidance for 2016-2017 when revising SIP

Schools should write their School Improvement Plans with their School Based Leadership Teams. While data is steadily being reported from FSA, we have plenty of data to refer to in order to revise/tweak our existing SIPs for 2016-2017 (FSA, EOC, FCAT, PLUS2, end of year NWEA MAP, Attendance, Behavior, etc.). 

Please note: Many items will roll in CIMS to the new 2016-2017 SIP- however, schools should examine each component to ensure it is updated and current for 2016-2017.


SIP Deadlines 2016-2017

2016-2017 SIP opened in CIMS, You must create a NEW PLAN in CIMS.

August 31, 2016 - Draft of the SIP forwarded in CIMS to Ilea Faircloth, District School Improvement (and for DA Schools to the RED for review).

September 30, 2016 - SIP returned to the school for revision from Ilea Faircloth and/or FDOE RED (FDOE Regional Executive Director)

October 31, 2016 - The SIP must be fully entered into CIMS for all schools. On this date, the targets the school has selected for 2016 will be locked, but the rest of the plan will remain editable throughout the year. SIP published in CIMS for School Board Approval. Submission deadlines are for archival and research purposes only. The SIP is intended to be a living document that allow schools to continually problem-solve how best to reach their goals and adjust strategies as necessary to improve student achievement. 


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